Mykel Z. Alekzanderh- Master Instructor/Coach/Trainer,
phone:  262 323 1763
Offering: Tae-Kwon-Do and Personal Training:

Mykel Z. Alekzanderh has been in the health, natural healing and fitness field for over twenty years. Having struggled with personal health issues, Mykel went through his own journey of self healing without prescription medication. This experience gave him a whole new outlook on health and healing, and has encouraged him to learn tools that help him focus on healing in an alternative way.
Tae-Kwon-Do -Traditional (WTF) Style:
World Martial Arts Federation & Black Belt Academy
Days & Times: Mon. 3:30pm to 4:15pm, Weds. 4:15pm to 5pm, Fri. 4pm to 4:45pm

This class is for all levels and is open to ages 3 years to 90+. Children and adults are taught together in a class format. Children also may be taught separately. Children and adults will benefit both physically and mentally from the study of Traditional Martial Arts. Self control, self-discipline and confidence are a natural by-product of this study. As a result of these benefits, the child experiences pride in himself and his ability to change.
Physical Fitness plays a key role in the Martial Arts.
Mental Attitude – Self confidence is gained by the sense of accomplishment that the student feels as they learn this art form. It is proven that this self confidence then carries over into other aspects of life.
MATERIALS: Required uniforms w/ school & Country patches included, no shoes & socks in class. $45 a month Adults & Children, $35 a month Family discount .

Classes are held in the lower level of the CATHE Center.