Contact: Jennie King

Welcome to The Children’s House at CATHE

The CATHE Children’s House is run by the CATHE Center but housed at Cooper Elementary school at 249 Conkey Street.   We have an amazing staff, Jennie King, Auriel Cox and Trina Robshaw, who are patient, dedicated and wonderful teachers!

Our day is a busy one!  We offer enrichment care from 7-8am, 3/4K Preschool from 8-11am, and 11am-3pm Enrichment School, and then after school enrichment care until 6pm.  8am-3pm is for our 3-4 year olds, but before and afterschool care is open to any elementary school child 3+.

For more information regarding The Children’s House or Enrichment Care, please contact Jennie at (262)767-9661 or email