Weekly Programs at the CATHE Center


Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays


9:30am Mixed Level Yoga 9:30am Mixed Level Yoga 9:00 Mixed Level Yoga 9:30 Gentle Yoga 9:00am Mixed Level Yoga 9:30am Mixed Level Yoga 8:30am Community Cause Yoga
6:00pm Mixed Level Yoga 10:45-11:30 Ageless Grace

12:00pm Gentle Yoga

5:15 Mixed Level Yoga
6:00pm Puppy Training 6:30pm Level 2 Yoga  9:00 Puppy Training
6:30pm Tae Kwon Do 10:30am Dog Obedience Class
6:30pm Mixed Level Yoga  12:00pm Gentle Yoga
7:15pm Meditation 7:30pm Dog Obedience Class 6:00pm Ladies AA Meeting

Upcoming Special Programs

Monday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 14 To Cover or Not to Cover films 

4 pm Monday June 12 and Wed June 14.
Two short films discuss the reasons behind Muslim girls and women deciding to wear or not to wear headscarves.
Register by email to MindYourMuse12@gmail.
Open to all, even if not registered, as space allows.
Minimum suggested donation is $10. Snacks are provided.


Wednesday, June 21st Summer SOULstice Gathering for Women.
4:30-6:00  Wednesday  June 21st.
How do we live mindfully and fully each day all season long?
A circle of women, ideas, meditation and dialogue to inspire SOULFull summer living.


Friday, June 16-Sunday June 18th MOVING INTO SILENCE RETREAT
By Peace Tree Yoga and Blue Lotus Temple
June 16-18th
Join us for a weekend of quiet refection as we learn
how a gentle yoga practice, sitting and walking
meditation and a variety of guided mindfulness
practices can increase awareness of the physical body,
the compulsive thinking mind, interactions with others,
and the world we live in. You will have the opportunity
to experience active relaxation, a more stablized mind,
better alignment on a physical, mental, and emotional
level, and feel vibrantly alive. Come away with a stillness and peace that will enhance your life and assist you in applying mindfulness and meaning to daily
activities and interactions. The weekend will begin
with conversation and increase in silence and stillness
on Saturday.  Details Here!


Saturday, June 24th, CATHE Women’s Saturday

Coming Saturday, June 24th, CATHE is offering a one-day Women’s Day, featuring spa services, fabulous breakout sessions including yoga, cooking, meditation, high tea, and closing the day at Rugans WI. At only $49–ALL INCLUDED, this full day event will be a CAN. NOT. MISS. event for women in the Burlington area!! Spots are limited! Register here!

Details here!

RAW Salon Spa
Arbor Hills Nursery
Educators Credit Union
Gourmet Girl
Rugans WI